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Best Gifts for Her

Best Gifts for Her
There are a lot of best gifts for her out there that can be gifted, but how many of them can be cherished? There has to be something special about the gift you give your girlfriend, isn't it? Then, there is also the need to be unique. All this and much more in the following article. Check it out!
Neha Joshi
When was the last time you gifted her something? Was it something people usually gift each other? A card maybe, along with some flowers? Now see, I'm not saying that these aren't good gifts but they surely aren't the best. There are better gifts out there that will make your girlfriend smile for sure if not get her euphoric. Have you ever thought of making her something by yourself? That would be a great idea, isn't it? When you have the opposite sex to impress, you need to make double the effort for success. Now again, though we don't need an occasion to gift something, if there is one, it certainly can't be ignored. A birthday is special than a usual date and valentine's day is much more exceptional than a birthday. So, keeping all these intricate details in mind and adding a little more thinking to it, you can select one of the best gifts for women mentioned below. These are some of the best gifts for her you are ever to find. All these are unique in their own way and you sure will receive a pat on the back and much more.
What Can Be The Best Gifts for Her
A Love Letter...
One of the best gifts you can give your girlfriend is a hand written love letter. Gone are the days when boyfriends wrote letters and thought twice before they put down a single word in ink. Gone are the days when poetry was the job of a lover. It's your time to revive those golden days and bring back that special touch to this gift. Write a nice long letter telling her how you fell in love with her and what she means to you now. Use a burnt paper and quill to make it look even better. Also include a poem here and there. Your girlfriend's heart is sure to melt when she reads this and there are very few things that can make this happen.
A Scrapbook...
A scrapbook is one of the best personalized gifts for her. Make a really nice one which includes your photographs together and some just of hers. Try to click some shots without her noticing them. Let a few of them be a surprise. Write her a few messages here and there and make sure you write a small poem or two. You can also write lyrics of songs wherever you find appropriate. Apart from this, you can also ask a few close friends to sign it for her. This is something you can gift her on her birthday. Include a card towards the end just to add another special element. Decorate the scrapbook to the best of your capability.
Record It...
This is another gift you can gift her and I promise you, yes I do, that she must have never received something as special as this. You must know a few of her favorite songs that have a slow pace. Record these in your own voice. You can also select some of the best lullabies of all times and record those too. You need to gift her an entire album that is recorded in your voice. Isn't that great? Another option is to gift her a movie that you can make from some videos of you'll together. You can again play her favorite song in the background and have a slide show of all the videos and photographs. This can be done using a photo editing and movie making software.
Yet another great gift for her would be a perfume. Perfumes have been the most commonly gifted gifts, yet the most popular ones. There are some great perfumes out there that are worth a collection. The best option in perfumes would be Chanel No. 5, a perfume that is said to be sold every 30 seconds even today. If you think she already has this one (quite a probability), you can gift her a Marc by Marc Jacobs (Ahem!), a John Galliano or a Valentino by Hermes. Amongst other exotic scents are the Kenzo and the Vera Wang. Another all time favorite is the Weekend by Burberry.
Shopping Spree...
If my boyfriend promised me this gift once every six months, I swear I would marry him. This is a sort of surprise that you need to take care of. You need to collect 20 coupons or gift vouchers from various stores, of various brands. You have to gift all them together or you can also arrange for a small treasure hunt of sorts. I'm telling you, she's going to dance with joy. So much of shopping, all in one day. Not to forget the variety in shopping. There are few things women are sure to be passionate about and shopping certainly tops that list.
Now that you know all these best gifts for her, choose one soon. Chances are, all the gifts mentioned above, are going to be loved by her just the same. If you plan to gift the scrapbook or do the video, you need to start planning in advance to make it better. Ask her friends and family for help, if you need it. Put your heart to it and make it as special as you can. With so much of love and effort, I'm sure the gift will turn out to be great and she surely will be impressed. Hope you zero in on one option soon and make the best out of it!