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Best Gifts for Girls

Deepa Kartha Apr 19, 2019
Buying gifts for girls is not at all a herculean task. All you need to know is the girl's interests, likes and dislikes, and hit the shopping mall to buy a gift. If you are still struggling with what gift to buy for a girl, here is a list of gifts that every girl would love to have.
It's your sister's 10th birthday next week, and you still haven't decided on what to gift her. Or every Christmas time you have to think hard to buy something for your teenage daughter, who is not so easily pleased.
Be it a birthday, wedding, or any such special occasion, people become really confused when it comes to girls. On the contrary, there is an array of gifts that can serve as great gifts. However, there are certain things you need to keep in mind.
The first criteria for buying a gift would be the age. What a five year old would love, would not be liked by a teenager. So, you have to keep the age factor in mind. The other thing would be to know what she really likes to do. This criterion also somewhat relates to her age.
The occasion would also be a factor to determine the gift to be given. Here are some top gifts for girls, among which you can select the best ones.

Ideal Gifts for Girls


Clothes are all time favorite gifts for girls. Be it a twelve year old girl or a middle aged woman, there would be no girl who does not want to add some more clothes to her wardrobe, even if it is overflowing.
You can choose a wide variety of clothes that are available for woman in the market. Research well about the current trends and styles, and buy one that suits the girl's attitude and style. Along with clothes, even jewelry would be a good idea. You can opt for chains and pendants available in different stones, beads, etc.

Electronic Gadgets

Gifting an electronic gadget would be a really cool idea.
Teenage is a time when girls love to live in their own private world, and gifting her a mobile phone, or a personal computer would be a great idea. Girls who love music can be given an iPod, Mp3 player, or a collection of their favorite songs.


Girls love shopping and there would be no better gift than giving her a chance to shop at her favorite mall or store.
However, beware because this gift can become a little expensive. To avoid such situations, you can either give a gift voucher of her favorite store, or else give her some money and tell her that she can shop only for that amount of money.

Hobby-related Gifts

Gifts could be given according to the interests and hobbies of a person. For instance, if she loves painting, gifting her a canvas with oil paints, brushes, and other painting items would be a good idea.
If she loves reading, you can gift her a collection of books by her favorite author. A gardening kit would be a good option for girls who like gardening.


Girls who like traveling would love to receive a trip to an exotic location as a gift. If you know about a place which she always wanted to visit, gift her a package of an air ticket and hotel reservations for that place.
Some other ideas include a day in a spa, movie, or dinner at a restaurant, or a one day picnic. You can also come up with some creative gift ideas, where you would have to use your imagination and innovation. Whatever be the gift, what is more important is the feeling of love and affection with which it is given.