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Best Gift Ideas

Aastha Dogra Feb 10, 2019
Let's see some of the best gift ideas for all occasions, be it birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers or weddings, as well as for all people - men, women, your spouse, mom, or dad.
Many people will agree that exchanging gifts make our bonds and relationships stronger! They are actually a means to convey our feelings and emotions to our near and dear ones.

For Men

Gift Basket

Place the items that he likes or uses everyday. Include items such as a bottle of Scotch whiskey, a couple of beer bottles, his favorite cologne, a shaving kit, hair spray, shower gel, etc. When he takes out these items one by one, it will surely bring a smile to his face!

Gym Membership

So you have always wanted your man to be a bit more muscular but didn't tell him, lest he might feel bad? No problem! Use this as an opportunity to get him hooked to exercising and body building. How? By presenting him with a one year gym membership.


Gadgets are a good choice, irrespective of the age. So you can gift him a digital camera or a camcorder, if he likes to travel a lot and is fond of photography. If he likes to watch movies, you can give him a DVD player. Mobile phones, laptops, and iPods are some other options you can look into.

Room Renovation

If you can give your father time, attention and care, it will be the most special gift. To convey your love, get his room renovated. Get the walls painted in soothing colors, replace the old furniture, particularly the bed, which should be very comfortable for him.
You can even consider buying recliner chairs for his TV room. Basically, do everything which will make him feel relaxed!

For Women


What gadgets are to men, jewelry is to women! So one of the most romantic gifts that you can give to your woman is a promise ring or an engagement ring.
If you feel that your relationship has still not reached there, then you can consider giving a small heart pendant. Be it diamond jewelry or glass jewelry, women are always thrilled at receiving it!

Personalized Photo Frame

Personalized gifts are always a favorite with women. Give her a photo frame or a mug, with her photograph imprinted on it. If the occasion is her birthday, then you can get the date engraved as well.

A Day at a Spa

All women like to beautify themselves and if it's in the luxurious environs of a spa, then there is nothing like it! So a great gift for women is a spa voucher. Women can take various beauty treatments and get themselves completely pampered at the spa. This will surely make you a hit in their eyes.


Gifts for mom are a way to show your appreciation for what she has done for you, throughout her life. Send her on an all-paid month long vacation to some place where she can relax and chill.
Make sure that you arrange for everything - hotel rooms, travel tickets, guides,etc., well in advance, so that she is comfortable and without a bother, during the whole trip.

A Surprise Party

Turning 30, 40, or 50, are milestones in a woman's life. These major events call for some special celebration. Throw a surprise party for them.
Invite all their friends, have a special cake in the shape of 30 made, decorate the party venue with their photographs and plan some fun entertaining games. In short, do whatever it takes to make the day memorable for them.

For Babies and Children

Goody Bag

An interesting newborn gift idea is to present the baby and the mother with a goody bag, with number of accessories like diapers, feeding bottles, tinker bells, small towels, baby powder, and stuffed toys. For mother, have a pack of chocolates and cookies in it.

Silver Plate

One of the most special and unique presents is to have a silver plate engraved with the time and date of birth of the child, engraved on it. This is also a memory of a lifetime!

A Collage

Make a collage of all his photos, from his birth to the present. This is one of the best gifts.
Paste a few photographs of his favorite things like an ice cream or a sports star or even an ostrich, if this is what he likes! Get the collage framed and hang it in his room before he wakes up. He will surely be thrilled on seeing it!

For Occasions


Receiving a birthday present, whether one has turned ten or sixty, almost always brings a smile to one's face. Clothes, accessories, books, interior decor items, gadgets - there are numerous items to choose from.
A unique idea - present something which the birthday boy or girl least expect from you. For this, let your imagination run wild.

Baby Shower

There are two ways of choosing baby shower presents. Give the would-be mother something that will help her in taking care of the baby, in the first few months after the baby is born. Going by this, laundry baskets, feeding products, cotton gloves, a crib, sleep sacks for the infant, make for some of the choices
However, if you are looking for something unique, you can give the mother something creative like a two or three tier diaper cake, made from disposable diapers! Make a "brag book" yourself and present it to the mother to record her little baby's rattlings.


Anniversary presents are meant for the most special person in your life i.e. your spouse. So, they should be very unique, creative, and thoughtful. After all he/she deserves the best! A good idea is to plan a special day for your spouse, and give him or her a special treat.


The couple will be starting a fresh life, maybe shifting to a new house, post marriage. So, wedding presents should be such that they help them ease into this new life.
If you are family or a close friend of the couple, you can ask them if they need any furniture item or a kitchen item such as a microwave, refrigerator, etc. and you can give the same to them.
The best gifts, whether for one's spouse, parents or friends, are those which consider the likes and needs of the person they are meant for. A gift can be fun, useful, thoughtful, or creative - it can be anything as long as the receiver feels special and unique upon receiving it!