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Bath and Body Gift Baskets

Uttara Manohar Jun 18, 2019
Bath and body gift baskets can include a wide variety of items starting from lip balms and shower gels to pedicure kits and perfumes. Here are some useful tips to create the perfect gift basket.
If you know people who are crazy about bath and body products, then gathering such things together in a gift basket is just the perfect thing to give them. These gift baskets can include a wide variety of items for skin and hair care maintenance.


Hair Products

Hair products are a must in any gift basket that contains beauty products. You can pick up a really good shampoo and conditioner set. Make sure you pick a brand or fragrance that the recipient will like.
In case you are not sure which fragrance or which type of shampoo to buy, just buy the one recommended for normal hair and pick a fragrance that you think people will like. Adding a conditioner of the same brand is essential since shampoos and conditioners are supposed to function as a dual system for healthy hair.
In addition to this, you can also include aromatherapy head massage oils. Oil samplers that contain small samples of all the fragrances are generally quite popular since they allow people to try out all the options before they figure out which one they like.
Hair masks, creams, sprays, and gels might be an option, but make sure the person has a liking for these products. You can also add a hand-operated head massager to make the basket more interesting.

Facial Products

There are a lot of products to clean, moisturize, and tone your face. You can have cleansing milk and even exfoliating scrubs to cleanse and rejuvenate the face.
Refreshing toners are a must after the exfoliation and cleansing. Then there are various night creams and day creams to moisturize the face. There are under-eye gels and creams as well.
You can include all the cosmetics in this category too. Add lip gloss, lipstick, foundation, eyeliner, mascara, or whatever else you think she may love in the basket.

Hand and Foot Products

You have to include hand and foot care products. Manicure and pedicure kits can be a great addition.
You also can have various foot and hand scrubs for exfoliation, and hand and foot creams for moisturizing. Make sure to add some pumice stones and foot and hand scrubbers or some beautiful aromatherapy oils.

Miscellaneous Products

Start with some essential body massage oils, which can be a very useful addition. This section can include soaps with interesting fragrances. Shower gels are another great idea. In addition to this, you can add body splash or a body spray sampler as well.
In case you are confident about the recipient's preference in perfumes, you can add a bottle of perfume as well.

Things to Remember

Pick a fragrance that you think the recipient would like and coordinate all the items in the basket accordingly. You can even color coordinate the gift items, or you can always wrap them in similar hues to create a cohesive look.
Do not hesitate to mix or match products and decorative items if you feel that the recipient wouldn't really care about the colors and fragrance coordination. Most women are brand loyal when it comes to beauty products.
In case it is possible, find out the favorite brands of the recipient so you can ensure that the gift will be truly appreciated. Make sure you add a little bit of everything to make the basket seem really attractive. Adding some fresh flowers, chocolates, or even soft toys might be a great idea to liven up the gift basket.