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Baptism Gifts for Godparents

Charlie S Mar 12, 2019
Here are some amazing baptism gift ideas for godparents. So, next time you are attending this ceremony you know what to gift them.
Gifts given to godparents during a child's baptism should be well thought of, and special. These tokens should commemorate true feelings and emotions, rather than their glamor and price. Given here is a list of such gifts that not only add a touch of emotion to the gift bearer, but will also be remembered as a souvenir of a very special event.

Religious and Inspiring Books

Books are always a safe option to go with. Gifting books that are inspirational or religious will not only make godparents happy, but they will also learn a lot from them.
With the book, you can also get a beautiful bookmark having a cross as a good keepsake. If you think that you still need to add another token to this collection, you can always get a silk book cover or pouch with the date of the baptism embroidered on it.

Personalized Photo Album

You can collect some wonderful photos and personalize each one of them by writing some details, like when and where the photos were taken. Such gifts can be a priceless gift for any person of any age.


Many items like chains, bracelets, and rings can be personalized in a stylish manner.
One can get names, dates, and personal messages engraved on them. You can place the item in an attractive box that can be used for various other purposes.

Greeting Cards

Handmade or ready-made greeting cards are good gifts, as they are easy to make and do not require too much time.
These help people put down their feelings in the form of words, which is always appreciated for a ceremony that is special for parents as well as godparents. Be creative and make the cards as unique and special as you can.
You can use water colors, crayons, or even sketch pens to decorate them. With the cards, you can also gift a cup with messages engraved on them. Such a token is always appreciated by all.

Frames and Showpieces

Photo frames with inscriptions on them are a very popular baptism gift. You can get a simple frame, and decorate it the way you like. Many people usually place a picture of the child who has gotten baptized, with the date of the ceremony engraved on the frame.
Showpieces like snow globes commemorating the ceremony, or even just a small set of wine glasses are very thoughtful souvenirs.
Whenever you are in doubt about what to gift as a baptism gift, get something small but meaningful. On an occasion like this, you do not need to buy something expensive and flashy, because at the end of the day it is the feelings and time you put into buying the gift is what counts.