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Baptism Gifts for Boys from Godparents

Sujata Iyer May 4, 2019
Godparents hold a special place for the baby boy, even though he may not realize it at the time of his baptism. Let us see some ideas to gift a baby boy if you happen to be his godparents.
Being a little boy's godparents is one of the biggest honors a couple can have. It is a promise to take care of the little boy throughout his life, whether his parents are around or not. The duty of godparents does not arise only if (God forbid) something were to happen to the real parents.
It begins at the time of the baby's birth and continues for a lifetime. The first duty of godparents is on the baptism day of the little boy. The gift from the godparents is something that the boy will always cherish once he gets to know the emotion and sentiment behind the relationship.
Here are some ideas that you can consider if you have the fortune of being a baby boy's godparents.

Gifts Godparents Can Give

You've been entrusted with one of the most important responsibilities that you'll ever encounter: being godparents to a baby boy. Though it may seem very emotionally flattering that you were selected, you must not underestimate the degree of responsibility that comes with the tag of godparents.
So, to get started off on the right foot, let us see some good gift ideas that you can boast about when the little boy is, well, not so little anymore.

Silver Birth Certificate Holder

One of the most popular baptism gifts, especially from grandparents is silver. And within the vast range of silver gift items, there is one specific item that is practical, useful, and simply beautiful. You can get your godson a pretty birth certificate holder made in silver. There are various stores that you can get these at.
Else, you can browse online for stores that offer them. The best part about these holders is that they are available in a variety of designs and patterns. Ornate with beautiful engraving or simple with a teddy bear clasp, the choice is yours.

My Baptism Photo Album

Another good idea is an album made on the day of the baptism itself. Hire a professional photographer and have him click pictures on the day of the baptism. Right from the beginning of the ceremony, to some candid shots of the little boy and others.
Select the best ones and compile a nice album of these pictures. You can get a store-bought album for this idea or you can make one yourself and post some messages with each photograph that you paste in it.

Baptism Crosses

Giving crosses is also a very popular idea for a baptism gift that has been used since ages. There are different types of crosses that you can buy for the little boy.
You can go for a simple and plain gold cross that will be a good addition to his college fund. Or you can choose a silver cross encrusted with his birthstone in it. You can also incorporate the cross in another gift item. For instance, you can give him a silver baby bracelet with crosses on it. Or a gold chain with a gold cross as its pendant.

Gift Baskets

If you can't figure out one single gift for him, here are some ideas for a gift basket like baby clothes, baby wraps, baby jewelry, baby toiletries, baby toys, diaper cake.


Do something exceptional like opening a special fund for the baby's education. You can take the responsibility of his education until he graduates college. It may seem difficult in the beginning, but if you keep aside a small amount every month, you'll be set for sure.
So even if his parents, for some reason cannot fund his college education, you will be able to. After all, isn't that what godparents are for?
Those were just some of the many baptism gifts that godparents can give a boy on his first special day. Make it something special. Something that he'll cherish forever.