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Baptism Gifts for Boys from Godmother

Indrajit Deshmukh Feb 9, 2019
When a child receives baptism, he is undergoing a sacred cleansing of the spirit and body, that deserves to be addressed as a celebratory moment. For a proud godmother, the occasion is a special one. Let's take a look at which gifts are appropriate to give on one's baptism.
Being a godmother to a child is an important task, where you are responsible for guiding him as he faces the realities of life. If you've been honored and asked to be a child's godmother, then it is only right that a beautiful gift be given.
It is a symbol of not just gifting a child something because the occasion demands it, but to honor the commitment made between child and guardian. Now that you will play an active part in the child's life, it is only befitting to give something that will last for a long time to come.

Baptism Gifts to Give a Grandson

Religious Pendants

Gold is usually given to a child in the form of a religious pendant of either a crucifix, Mother Mary, a saint, or even the child's first initial.
The pendant can be given on its own in a little gift box or placed on a gold necklace, if you'd like. Because the gift is molded from a precious metal, it will be cherished and stand the test of time for years to come.

Baby Clothes and Gold Ring

If you know how to knit, then you can make a set of baby clothes that the child can wear during his initial years. The only downside is, the child won't be able to wear it any longer as he ages. But he can of course look back on them as a grownup and possibly use it for his own kids.
Along with the baby clothes, you can also include a gold ring with an inscription on it that says, "You can always count on me. Love, (your name).". The dual gift offering is sure to be appreciated wholeheartedly by the parents, and your grandson when he's old enough to know.

Elaborate Scrapbook

This idea will surely leave you smiling; buy a large scrapbook that comes with both photograph sleeves and pages, so that you can write little incidents down as you progress from one page to the next.
Record moments spend with your grandson right from the day of the baptism, to when he's all grownup. Gift him the scrapbook on his 20th or 25th birthday, where he'll be stumped for words once he sees what went behind such a massive project.
While most people take such things for granted, you'll most certainly not be one of them. It'll serve as a beautiful timeline that captures special moments between a godmother and her grandson.

Personalized Bible

Whether you want a bible that looks like no other, or have his baby picture printed on the front with a message, the choices are endless and well-worth every penny. If you can find a store in your area or city that does this is even better.