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Baptism Favors for Boys

Rujuta Borkar Jun 18, 2019
A baptism is going to happen soon and you need some baptism favors for after the celebration is over? The only problem is that you don't know what to give them. Read the following information for some ideas on exactly that.
Your child's baptism is one of the proudest moments for you and one of the most important occasions to celebrate. And with right reasons too―it marks a very important time in a person's life and prepares them for the spiritual journey of life.
As a parent, the feeling of celebrating your child's baptism is something that cannot be equaled by anything else. And when there is a baptism party for your baby, there have to be baptism favors as well.

Baptism Favors for Children

Picture Frames

Delicate porcelain picture frames make some of the best baptism gifts. You can also divide them based on the boys and girls, or any other gender-specific designs that you can think of.


Candle sets that are set in delicate glass mugs with delicately carved crosses on the surface―another great option to look into. This is a very effective utilitarian gift to look into and something that looks just as pretty as is useful.

Cross Statuettes

Since it is a religious function, you can use the opportunity to give away some of the most delicate cross statues that are made from glass or carved from wood.
Alternately, cross lockets can also be looked into as a great baptism favor for boys and girls.

Cross Lamps

Another utilitarian gift that one can look into are lamps that have crosses across the shade or have certain other designs on them. It's a very handy gift that people will love to take back.

Stuffed Toys

What of the older kids who are at that party? The best favors for them? Stuffed toys. Even if the toys are really small, they'll still love having them. You can, of course, divide them according to age groups and girls and boys as usual.

Baptism Gifts for Boys

Tees and Jumpsuits

Just go into a baby store and look around for the cuteness of baby clothes that have come out. Pick up some of the best tees with the cutest designs you'll find. Pristine white jumpsuits are not too bad either.

Silver Collectibles

Think about silver rattles, silver spoons, or silver chains. These make for some of the best collectible items, and are considered quite the solid gifts. Nothing frivolous, and yet something that a baby can keep for his/her life.

Piggy Bank

Never too early to give them one of these, you know? It's one of the best gifts that they can be taught to use effectively as they grow up.
With so many designs and materials that are making way in the market, you'll really be spoiled for choice.


This is one of the sweetest ideas that you can think of. Get their hand and footprints, have them set into a proper material and gift it to the parents. When the child grows up, won't this be a most pleasant memory―something to cherish forever?