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Awesome Gifts for Men

Sujata Iyer Feb 9, 2019
The most awesome gifts are sometimes the ones that are the easiest to make but require a lot of thought. Given here are some of the most awesome ones you can give the man in your life.
Getting a gift for men is always a challenge. And once you've gone past the stage of giving him a perfume or a wrist watch or a T-shirt, you'll realize that the older your relationship gets, the deeper your emotions revolving around getting him a gift get. You'll never settle for the clichéd items anymore.
You'll want a gift that has a meaning so true that it can be deciphered only by the two of you. And when it's not a special occasion and you want to spoil him with some 'JLT' gifts, you need to take a look at the ideas here. They might not be the most traditional gifts, but they are definitely some of the most awesome ones.

Gifts that Men will Like

It is quite the misconception that women tend to give only romantic gifts to their men. That they always give something that revolves around only their relationship. It's not really necessary that the best gifts have to be something extremely, over-the-top gooey. We're quite adept at giving some creative gifts which can be, quite frankly, mindless too.
Of course, we'll give it with an agenda of trying to put it to some use, but well, we all know how successful that will be. Nevertheless, given here are some of the best and most awesome gifts that you can give him.

Wacky Apparel

Don't be fooled by the 'apparel' tag. Apparel in itself is quite cliché, but notice the prefix? Wacky! That's right. Get your guy a pair of sneakers and replace its laces with glow-in-the-dark ones.
Don't tell him about it, just watch his face contort with shock when he steps out at night. Another idea that you can try is glow-in-the-dark-underwear. You can also get him a tie that's very plain looking from the top, but has cartoons splashed across its base.

Gadget Basket

Every guy fantasizes about the numerous gadgets that flood the market. The minute one gadget hits the market, the one that he bought (just a month ago) gets outdated. Indulge this fantasy of his and get him a gift basket filled with all the latest gadgets.
Enjoy his sighs and squeals (yes, you read that right) of delight as he unwraps each one with the care and precision of a little boy holding a live butterfly.

Personalized Stuff

Personalized gifts are one of the safest options that you can try out. Apart from being great gifts, they also send across the right amount of maturity and affection that your relationship is all about.
For personalized gifts, you can get some crazy postage stamps designed with his picture. Blow it up on paper that looks delicate and worn out, and have it framed in an ultra sleek frame. You can also go with the usual personalized linen, golf set, beer mugs, stationery, Swiss army knife, etc.

Favorite Car or Bike Ride

If your man enjoys the high adrenaline rush that fast bikes and cars bring with them, then here's a unique idea you can try out. You'll obviously know which his favorite car or bike is. Find out where you can get either of them rented.
Rent it out for an entire day, and have it delivered to him in style, with a note asking him to 'simply enjoy it!' Let him zoom around the streets with that splendid smile on his face and the wind in his hair!
Remember, all gifts need not be extremely expensive or rare (though they mostly are). It is definitely the proverbial 'thought that matters'. So get thinking and get him something really awesome!