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Amazing Gift Ideas for Women Who Love to Travel

Sheetal Mandora Feb 11, 2019
Travel gifts from friends and family are always welcomed with open arms. Here, you will find 14 amazing gift ideas for women who love to travel and lead an adventurous life.

Money is No Object.

Encourage her passion to travel ... to see the world. There can never be a price tag on happiness.
Leaving the comforts of your home to explore the world requires tenacity. And all a person really wants is someone to be a pillar of encouragement. Find this "means of encouragement" through your gift, and send your travel-loving friend/relative off with love, support, and good wishes.

14 (Practical) Gifts for Women Who Like to Travel

Of course, she can purchase any of the following items herself. However, when the gift comes from you, it will mean much more to her. She'll know that you want her passion for traveling to flourish, and that your gift will help her bring that much closer to it as well.

Translation App

Every traveler dreams of exploring and learning about places and history, connecting with other cultures and people, and expanding his/her awareness of the world out there.
But with new cultures and people, comes the difficult task of conversing. Not everyone speaks English, and that can be an issue for the one traveling to such vast lands. So, in comes your wonderful and thoughtful gift of a translation app.
There are tons of apps available for Android and iOS. Depending on what phone she has, select the best app for her.

Bookstore Gift Voucher

She's at the airport and there's not much to do than wait for the boarding announcements. Plus, the long journey ahead may get dull if she has nothing better to do than stare outside the window. Ah-ha! Not so fast.
Giving her a bookstore gift voucher comes in handy at such desperate times. She can just walk into the airport bookstore, grab any magazines, books, and knick-knacks she likes, and have a pleasant flight ahead.

Luggage Set

Many departmental and online stores have stylish luggage sets at really amazing prices.
With vibrant colors, patterns, and styles to choose from, the only question remains is, are you strong enough not to buy a set for yourself? This is a wonderful gift for obvious reasons. And the 360ยบ spinners make running through the airports fast and quite convenient.

Luggage Weight Scale

While packing, many times we're unaware of how much stuff we're actually adding in our luggage. A simple way to avoid overweight bags and check-in luggage is to use a handy scale. It is lightweight, compact, and most scales can weigh bags up to 80 to 90 pounds. If you want, you can even choose to purchase the digital weight scale as well.

World Map and Push Pins

People who travel the world, or anywhere new, love to talk about it to anyone who shows interest. A world map with a box of colorful push pins is a wonderful conversation starter.
She can hang the map in her living room and place the pins to all the places she's traveled so far. Every time she looks at the map, not only will she liven the interest of going somewhere new, but also think of you.

Personalized Luggage Tags

Many online stores make custom luggage tags upon request.These tags available in laminated, metal, acrylic, plastic, and embroidered fabric materials.
All you have to do is select how many you'd like to order from all of them. Plus, there are tons of designs, colors, and patterns to choose from. Add a quirky quote on one side, and the gift is complete.

Photo Album Journal

Memories are made in our hearts. But it's nice to relive those wonderful memories through photographs as well.
As taking a camera is a must for every traveler, so is keeping a photo journal. However, along with the journal, you can even get her a Polaroid camera to take on all her adventures.

Prepaid Calling Card

No matter where she is, a prepaid calling card will always keep her feeling close to home.
National and international calls can be expensive, and apart from all the expenses of the trip, she shouldn't really worry about staying connected with family and friends. But before you purchase one, just make sure that the provider you choose is suited to the country she's about to visit.

Prepaid Airline Tickets

Does she talk about visiting India, Egypt, China, or any other place, but hasn't made plans yet? Well, give her a nudge by sponsoring tickets to her favourite place. When she sees those tickets, she'll see her plans unfolding right in front of her eyes.

Swiss Army Knife

We know what you're thinking. An army knife as a gift for a woman? To that we say, "Why not?"
It's got all the tools a person can need, and it's functional, practical, and quite useful for a woman who may be traveling alone (not to cause any injury to others, but for camping trips and stuff).

Travel Carry-on Toiletry Bag

This gift pretty much says it all by itself. A toiletry bag is a must for every traveler, regardless of the gender. However, a woman may require a few extra items in it for a stress-free vacation.
Make a list of airline-friendly travel essentials, like tissues, a dental kit, hand sanitizer wipes, cold medicine, lip balm, soaps, etc., put them in a toiletry bag, and gift it to her.

Travel Magazine Subscription

A travel magazine subscription is a safe and practical gift idea.
The best way to learn about a new place, culture, people, and basically the world is through travel magazines. Their in-depth stories from authors and people who have traveled the world make a wonderful gift for her. Who knows, she might just get ideas for her next trip.

Travel Pillow, Eye Mask, and Earplugs

Not everyone has the luxury to travel by business or first class. But that doesn't mean the journey can't be comfortable in economy. A travel pillow, eye mask, and earplugs (to tune the rest of the economy class out) will give her peace and quiet.

Universal Adapter

A universal travel power charger adapter plug is a boon for travelers.
Every country has unique power outlets, and it can be a nightmare to purchase a new one for every trip. The universal adapter solves all those issues in one go.
So, whether you're purchasing the gift for your girlfriend, wife, sister, mother, neighbor, colleague, or a close friend, choose one or more items mentioned here. However, do a little research and find out if she requires something specific for her next adventure.