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10 Unique Wedding Gifts

What could you possibly buy for the couple that has everything?
Karen James Sep 20, 2019

Time Capsule

Gift boxes are a wonderfully personal way to show you care, but you could take it a step further if you’re particularly close to the happy couple.

Offering a locked box full of beautiful gifts they can open in one, five, ten or twenty years is a personal experience the couple will never forget.

Distinctive Tableware

While china and glassware are popular wedding gifts, they come in large styles and designs. If you’re looking to choose china or glassware for a quirky couple, why not get something with unique flourish?

Homemade Art

Some of the most cherished gifts one can offer is a handmade present that has been lovingly worked on by hand.

Something beautiful and unique such a wall hanging made from an old book or a well-sculpted ornament is a gift to be enjoyed for years to come.

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are one of the go-to items couples get, so if you are planning to buy kitchen equipments, consider things that go beyond kettles, peddle bins and spatulas. Try chocolate fountain, candy floss or popcorn machine.

Personalised CD

Another highly personal and thoughtful gift is a selection of well-meaning songs that pertain to the couple.

Perhaps it could be the couple's wedding music or their first dance song, whatever you choose will act as a reminder of the special day for years to come.


Travel Scratch Map

Elegance is borne from simplicity, and this gift is perfect for a travel-loving couple.

This is essentially a large map of the world where countries can be scratched off as they are visited.

Personalised Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages are a favourite for gift purposes such as vintage wines, expensive champagnes and aged spirits like whisky.

But you can also brew or mix your own drinks to better reflect the couple’s taste, with a personalised bottle label too.

Line a Day Book

This beautiful little memento is a memory book. The idea is to fill out a quote or a memory everyday for a set number of years.

After a short while, the couple can look back at months worth of memories to enjoy.

Unique Gift Experience

It’s common for couples to be gifted vouchers for getaways in the country or wine tasting. But, if the couple is somewhat unconventional by nature, why not purchase them a unique gift experience?

Star Naming

Did you know it’s possible to name a visible star in dedication to the happy couple? Naming a star is a special and wonderfully unique gift that not everyone can lay claim to.