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10 Gift Ideas For Writers

Need gift inspiration for those who love to write? Check out these 10 creative gift ideas.
Angelica Hartgers Oct 8, 2019

1. Writing Software

Anyone looking for gift for writers should consider writing software subscriptions. It's the perfect gift to give aspiring authors who want to invest in a writing tool!

2. Writer's Subscription Box

Writers of all types will look forward to receiving curated boxes each month with useful tools and exclusive goodies.

3. Literary Wall Art

Every writer knows the power of words, and will love a literary wall art print made just for them. Create a customized print on their favorite writing quote, then add a trendy frame that matches their office!

4. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Headphones that cancel out noise are useful for writers that need a quiet environment to work! In fact, many aspiring authors would say these types of headphones are a must-have for their writing routine. 

5. Messenger Bag

Writers need to carry their notebooks, pens, books, research material, and laptops with them, and the messenger bag can fit it all! 

6. Engraved Pen

What better way to show your appreciation for the writer in your life than with a practical writing essential? An engraved pen will mix function with meaning!

7. Writer's Mug

Ask any writer, and they'll tell you just how important a cup of coffee or tea is to their writing routine. So, why not gift a mug that's made especially for them?