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10 Best Gifts for Men

Neha Joshi Feb 11, 2019
Gifting has never been so easy. Check out these top ten gifts for men and choose one that suits him and the occasion the best.
Every now and then, we need to present something to the men we know. While gifting something to women is relatively easy, choosing a gift for men is indeed a difficult job. For this very reason, we have listed the best gifts for men.
Be it Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthdays, or retirement even. There are gift options for every occasion and for every age. You can present these gifts to your parent, boyfriend, colleague, son, or brother.

The Top 10

10. Gadgets

Whether you give them a cell phone or a music player, they are sure to rejoice more than we women do. Gadgets are for men what diamonds are for women.
You can choose from a range of gadgets―tablets, cell phones, music players, TVs, etc. What you choose will depend solely on your budget and the occasion.

9. Books

Even if he doesn't like reading, gift him a book that might interest him and he might turn into a habitual reader. You have billions of options here.
Choose a book according to his age. If you're finding it difficult to zero in on one, gift him a biography of his role model. Any book on a subject that interests him is a good idea.

8. Holidays

If he's going through a lot of stress at work, a holiday would be a perfect gift. If you plan to go with him, even better.
A few days before you plan this trip, ask him if there are any places he wants to visit. Depending on that, see which place works out for you, taking into consideration the time he can give and the money you can spend.

7. Clothes

Make sure you buy his favorite colors and patterns. If there is a particular brand or style he follows, keep that in mind. Most men don't like shopping; he'll be really glad you took this effort. If you have a tight budget, consider buying accessories such as ties, cufflinks, etc.

6. Scrapbook

Through this scrapbook, you can remind him of all the memories you've shared together so far.
Put in special photographs, letters, love notes, quotes, and sweet nothings. This is sure to make his day. Also, this can be a great gift for a patch up; these letters and notes are a great way to say sorry. Mention things long forgotten and revive the lost magic with this book.

5. Games

Have you ever come across a man who doesn't like playing games? Those virtual games are paradise for men. They spend hours in the front of the TV with these games and are happy playing them. Gift him some games and see his happiness.

4. A Day Out!

If you want to plan something that will really make him happy, plan an entire day for him and give him all the attention he wants. Take him out to his favorite restaurant, make him his favorite meal, or go for a picnic somewhere.
Buy a small bottle of wine and spend some quiet time together. Catch a late night movie. Make this day a day full of things he loves to do.

3. Sports Accessories

Every man is passionate about one sport or the other. They don't miss a chance to watch a single match and cheer for their favorite teams.
Gift him a jersey of his favorite team or take him out for one of their matches. If he likes playing himself, gift him all the gear that he needs. Look out for special edition accessories to be able to gift something unique.

2. Watches

These are, of course, more expensive than most of the gifts mentioned here (we're talking premium brands here), but what can we do? Every man wants a good watch.
A great gift for your husband birthday, choose one that he'll be able to flaunt among his friends. If you don't know much about watches, research a little on the Internet.

1. Alcohol

How about a limited edition bottle? A liquid that's bottled this way only once in a while. Wouldn't he love that? It's difficult to find these unique bottles. If you don't have the time, gift him a old bottle. This would be expensive and comparatively not that unique.
These are general options. What product you choose will depend on your budget, your relationship with him, the occasion, and his age. Make a wise decision.