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100 Homemade Gift Ideas

100 Homemade Gift Ideas

Are you fed up of buying the same old gifts every year? Try one of the ideas given in this article to come up with some unique gifts.
Tulika Nair
Every year, somewhere during the holiday season, everyone goes berserk trying to think of the perfect gift to give their loved ones. It involves days of thinking and then some more days of fierce fighting at shopping malls to buy those perfect gifts for them. This year opt for a change. Instead of buying a gift, opt to make different gifts at home and present your friends and family with something that will be truly special to them. In this article, we help you think of some great ideas.

Top 100 Ideas for Gifts

While making gifts, ensure that you keep the personality of the person you are giving the gift to, in mind. Giving a person who has absolutely no interest in accessorizing, jewelry as a gift can be a complete disaster. Given in this article are the top 100 homemade gift ideas.

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Aprons - While an apron may not be the first thing that jumps to your mind when you are thinking of gift ideas, it is a good option. There are many different patterns that you can use to sew your own apron.
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Backpack - A drawstring backpack may not seem like a great option for a gift idea, but if the person you want to give the gift to is a traveler, then this may be the perfect gift for them.

Bath salts - Who does not like the idea of a luxuriant and relaxing bath? If you agree, then homemade bath salts are a perfect gift option.

Beaded curtains - If you are good at arts and crafts, then making beaded curtains in different colors can be a great option.

Blinds - If the person you are giving the gift to is undertaking a home decor project, then window blinds can work brilliantly as a present.

Bookmark - A bookmark can be a brilliant gift for kids to make. You can provide them with different material and allow them to unleash their creativity.
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Cakes - If baking is a hobby of yours and people go crazy about your kitchen pursuits then gifting your friends and family, cakes this holiday season can be a great idea.

Candle holders - Gift your friends some unique candle holders which will definitely have a place of pride in their living space.

Caricatures - A great idea that you can use as a gift idea if the person you are giving the gift to has a sense of humor.

CD Holder - If you are helping your friend get rid of the clutter in their house, then a handmade compact disc holder is an excellent gift idea.

Ceramic tile paintings - It is definitely not an easy art to pursue but the results can be quite astounding and beautiful, if you do decide to gift your loved ones paintings made on ceramic tiles.

Chocolates - Homemade chocolates are the perfect gift for the holiday season instead of buying store-bought, commercially-manufactured sweet treats.

Clay sculptures - This is one of the best of the gift ideas that kids can use to make gifts. Give them some clay to play with and let their imagination go wild to create sculptures that can be given as gifts.

Clocks - While it may seem difficult to make a clock, once you understand the basic principles behind this time-keeping device, you should have no difficulty designing a time clock.

Coasters - Another good idea that kids can use; is to make coasters using discarded CD's, small tiles, and even tin caps.

Comic book - Are you looking for a gift for a friend who still has a little kid in him? If yes, then write a comic book which features him, provided you can sketch, ink, and well, write.

Compilation of favorite music - This is more of an emotional gift and serves to bring up memories that have special meaning for both people involved. Make a CD with all those songs that feature on the list of favorites for the person you are giving the gift to.

Cookies - Baking cookies can be the perfect gift for a friend or a family member who has a sweet tooth. Experiment with different flavors and shapes to make it more interesting.

Crochet crafts - There are many different crochet items that you can make including caps, table covers, and clothes and give them as gifts.
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Decorated flip-flops - Does the person you are giving the gift to have shoe fetish? If yes, then decorating flip flops that you have bought at a store, to make them more individualistic to match the personality of the person in question may be a great idea.

Decoupage crafts - If you are proficient with the art of decoupage, then use your talent to create different showpieces and give them as gifts.

Doll house - Searching for gift ideas for girls? What could be better than making dollhouses, provided you have the necessary woodworking skills.

Dream catcher - A dream catcher can be a great gift and you can also have a lot of fun understanding the concept behind this native American curio.
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Egg carton crafts - Not only are egg carton crafts for kids a great way to keep them occupied during the holidays, but they also make for great gifts.
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Fleece blankets - Create blankets that will keep the person you are giving the gift to comfortable and cozy.
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Glass paintings - Making stained glass paintings can be a beautiful gift for people who appreciate the art.

Ground spices - If the person you are giving the gift to has a keen interest in cooking, especially Indian cuisine, spices packed in a cute spice box, can be a great gift to give.
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Hair accessories - Making hair accessories may seem like a little difficult, but it is not so at all. All you need are some beads, rubber bands, and little bit of creativity.

Hammocks - For the Jughead in your group, a homemade hammock can be a brilliant gift.

Handbag - Make fabric handbags for your girlfriends and gift it to them.

Handmade jewelry - Jewelry making is a handy craft to learn and not only is it one of the best homemade gift ideas that you can use, but it is also an opportunity to start your own little side business.

Handmade paper journals - Use handmade paper and make a journal for your loved ones so that they can have something to share their deepest thoughts with.

Hand-painted canvas bags - Buying canvas tote bags to decorate and create individualistic designs for your friends and family can be a great gift idea.

Hand-painted t-shirt - Learning to design your own t-shirt can be a great way of learning a craft that could help you make gifts for friends and family.

Homemade beer - Learn to brew beer and package them to make great gifts for the holiday season.

Homemade board games - Sure, you can buy one of the many board games available in the market, but there is something unusual about coming up with different board game ideas and then creating those games as gifts.

Homemade cleaning products - This may not seem like the best gift idea, but for a person who is obsessed with cleanliness, gifting them cleaning products can be a masterstroke.

Homemade cosmetics - Using natural products in homemade cosmetic recipes and then packaging them in cute containers can serve as a great gift for a friend.

Homemade essential oils - It is definitely possible to distill and make essential oils at home. So, if you have a friend who loves these natural oils, then make these for her.

Homemade wine - Learning how to make wine at home may be a great idea to be not only known as a great host but as someone who gives some pretty great gifts.
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Incense stick holders - If your loved ones light incense sticks in their house, then use different materials like clay, pebbles, and even coconut shells to create incense stick holders.
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Jams - Again a food item that is generally a huge hit as a gift. Make jams in different flavors and gift them as a selection to your friends and family.

Japanese fan - If you are familiar with the art of Origami, then you would know how to make these delicate and exquisite gift items.

Jewelry box - Making handcrafted jewelry boxes as gifts for your girlfriends may gain you huge brownie points with them.
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Key chain - Whether you are an adult or a kid, you can learn how to make key chains and give them as small trinkets along with your gifts.

Knitted scarves - If you are adept at knitting, then making scarves is one of the options that you should definitely consider.
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Lampshade - Make a paper lamp shade and give your friend a beautiful gift to treasure.
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Message board - Have a friend who goes crazy about organizing things? Well, then the best gift to give would be to make a message board that they can use.

Miniature crafts - You can learn how to make miniatures and make models of those things that your friend likes.

Mobile covers - In a world, where everyone is constantly on their cell phones, what can be a better gift than an accessory for the same. Gift your friend a cell phone cover that you have made yourself.

Mouse pad - Another useful gift idea is to make a mouse pad for a friend who is constantly working on the computer. Personalize the mouse pad with the friend's name, hobbies, etc.

Music box - Make a music box and give your friend a great gift this holiday season.
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Newspaper/magazine racks - If your friend is an avid reader, then make a newspaper or magazine rack that will help him keep his collection a little more organized.
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Painted pots - This is a great idea for kids who want to give gifts. Provide them with pots, and colors and let them go crazy with different designs.

Painted sneakers - If you are looking for homemade gift ideas for a teenager, then a pair of hand painted sneakers is a good option to look at.

Painted/embroidered cushion covers - If you are good at needle work or even painting, then create cushion covers with designs that only you can come up with.

Painting - If you have an artistic side which has been appreciated time and again by people you know, then gifting them paintings can be a great idea.

Paper Bag - Make paper bags using recycled paper and gift your friends an environmentally-conscious gift this year.

Paper lanterns - While making paper lanterns maybe a craft that is traditionally associated with the Chinese festival of lights, more exquisite homemade versions can be very good gifts.

Paper mache crafts - This is a craft that could take some time but making different showpieces using paper mache crafts can be a great gift.

Pen stand - This is a gift idea that you must have definitely used in the past in arts and crafts classes. Use soft drink cans in an innovative manner to create pen stands. Just remember that you are not in second grade and the design needs to have a little more style.

Personalized award certificates - Tell your mom that she is the best mom in the world or your sister that she has been given the best sister award, with personalized certificates.

Personalized Calendars - With the new year around the corner, this is a timely gift to give, and the best part is that making a calendar is extremely easy.

Personalized gift vouchers - This can be a great last minute gift, if you have been unable to come up with any ideas for gifts. Make tiny vouchers that promise the person you are giving the gift to, little tasks that you will be compelled to perform.

Personalized newspapers - Thanks to the World Wide Web, there are many websites out there that will allow you to create your own newspaper. All you need to do is fill in all the details that you want.

Personalized towels - Creating towels that are monogrammed with initials of the person you are giving the gift to can be a great idea to use.

Photo Albums - For a person you have known for a while, and for someone with whom you have a lot of memories, creating a photo book, with different memorable photographs is a great idea.

Photo collage - Make a photo collage for a close friend and see her tear up.

Photo Frame - If you have decided on a photo frame as your gift, then learning to make picture frames is a very easy task.

Pickles - Make pickles from scratch and pack them in earthen ware to give as gifts.

Piggy banks - These can be brilliant gifts for kids. Make piggy banks out of cloth, clay, tin, wood, or any other material that you are comfortable with and help your kids learn the importance of saving money.

Popsicle stick crafts - This is a great idea for kids to make homemade gifts. Use Popsicle sticks to create pen stands, miniatures, ashtrays, etc.

Porcelain crafts - You will need some training in order to be proficient with porcelain craft work, but if you are able to pull it off, then this can be a great gift idea.

Pot-pourri - Use dried flowers, leaves, and different scents to create a fragrant gift that anyone would love.

Puppets - Searching for gifts for toddlers? Make them some puppets to play with.

Purse hanger - Make a purse hanger and give a perfect gift to a woman who always needs space to hang her growing bag collection.

Puzzles - A great gift for an inquisitive child or adult. If you know a person who loves puzzles and riddles, then a homemade book of these brainteasers can be a perfect gift. You can even attempt to make jigsaw puzzles.
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Quilt - Learn the art of quilting to give one of the coziest gifts ever.
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Recipe book - If you are giving a gift to your daughter (or son), then a great gift to give can be a hand written book with all the food recipes of the dishes that they love.

Refrigerator magnets - You may need to search for instructions on making refrigerator magnets, but these can be good trinkets to give out.
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Sand art - When most people think about sand art they think about frolicking at the beach, but there are many ideas for sand art that will allow your children to make great gifts.

Scented candles - Use essential oil or even fragrant scents combined with wax so that you can make scented candles and create gifts that are sure to be huge hits.

Scrapbook - Use different ideas for scrapbooking to create a book full of memories and meaning.

Ship in the Bottle - If you have seen the movie, The Lovely Bones, then you know that it is possible to make a ship in the bottle at home. Try the craft and give it as a gift.

Silk flowers - Instead of the usual bouquets that you buy, make your own silk flowers to give as a gift that will last much longer than normal flowers.

Silk kite - If your friend or family member pursues kite flying as a hobby, then learn to make a kite using silk and give a gift that they will treasure.

Sketches - Making a sketch of the person you are giving the gift to, can be a great idea.

Sling purse - Make a purse that your friend can use as a sling, and don't forget to give it a unique touch.

Snow globe - Like the ship in the bottle, you may need to practice the art of making snow globes, but once you are proficient with the same, you can create some of the most beautiful gifts to give.

Soaps - The art of homemade soap making is an ancient one, so take a trip back a couple of centuries and revisit this art to create gifts that will be definitely appreciated.

Soft toys - Making teddy bears, rag dolls, or other plush toys for kids as gifts will make them very happy and introduce you to a craft idea that is dying a slow death, thanks to commercialization of the same.

Sweaters - A gift idea that will work only if you enjoy knitting and can create wonderful designs that will be great gifts.
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Tie dye clothes - If the person you are giving the gift to has a hippie residing inside him, then learn to tie dye and create some bohemian clothes for him.
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Wall hangings - Use beads, trinkets, and other such decorative elements to create beautiful wall hangings that will have a place of pride in any living room.

Wallets - There are many different ways of making a wallet and if you are looking for a practical gift idea, then this is one of the best options to give as a gift.

Watch - If you can learn how to make a clock, then you can definitely try to make watches. This can be actually easier as you can use dials from old watches and give them a new lease of life by working wonders with the straps.

Wind chime - Learn to make wind chimes and give your friends and family a melodious gift.

Wooden crafts - If you are good at woodworking then there are many things that you can create like shelves, book cases, boxes, etc. that can make for very good gifts.

Woven baskets - Learn the art of weaving baskets and create gift baskets for friends and family.
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Yarn crafts - You do not necessarily need to know knitting in order to create crafts with the help of yarn. Kids can use wool to create many beautiful gift items.
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The best part about receiving gifts is learning how much thought the other person has put into the gift. Using one of these ideas, will truly make the person you are giving the gift to, appreciate your effort. These gifts need not be necessarily given only during the holiday season. They can be a birthday gift, a Mother's day gift, or a gift for any other occasion.